Alarm installation in your home

Some of you may have heard that you can apply for a discount if you confirm to the insurance company that you installed an alarm on your premises. While that may be good for the overall bottom line, the obvious reason of keeping your home safe is more important than ever, at least according to one recent story out west.

According to this CBC report, a Nanaimo family returned from a three week vacation to find their home broken into, with disastrous results.

“Nothing was where we left it,” the homeowner said. “The windows were all boarded up and he had torn up all our blankets and curtains to cover everything. A lot of the kids’ toys were buried in the yard and hanging from the trees. It was really unsettling.” 

In addition to having their children’s toys buried in the yard or hanging from trees, the homeowners added that the voice boxes of build-a-bears were ‘ripped out’, their marriage certificates ripped in two and all family photos removed from the walls and placed face down.

The family did not have a home security system installed and had not informed their neighbours that they would be gone for such an extended period. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the cost of installing a new security system and replacing what the family has lost, as well as helping pay for meals and hotel stays.

Under most standard homeowners policies, alarm discounts are available as well as contingency funds in the event that you have to leave your home temporarily while it undergoes repairs after an event such as a break and enter…to pay for needs such as hotel accommodations and meals until you can return to your home.

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