Check OHIP When You’re On Vacation


If you’re planning to take a long vacation outside of Canada this summer, you may need to rethink your health insurance options while you’re out of town because OHIP may not be covering you.

The Ontario government is proposing to end OHIP coverage for Ontario residents travelling outside of Canada. Under the current OHIP program, reimbursements are provided for services to treat conditions considered acute, unexpected, and arose outside Canada that require immediate treatment.

For out-of-country in-patient services the rates will be:

  • A maximum of $400 per day for higher level of care, such as those in an ICU or operating room.
  • A maximum of $200 per day for any other level of care.
  • $50 per day for outpatient services and $210 for renal dialysis.

The government pointed out that reimbursement rates have not increased in the last 20 years.

“The changes align with the government’s commitment to implementing changes to restore accountability and trust in the use of taxpayer dollars and to bring greater modernization, efficiency and transparency to OHIP to benefit both providers and patients,” said the government on their press release, adding that most comprehensive coverage from travel insurance companies already cover 94% of reimbursement for eligible costs related to emergency care services out of country.

The proposal does not affect current publicly funded health care coverage for Ontarians travelling in other parts of Canada, as the expected change will have no impact on 99.5 percent of Ontarians. According to OHIP data, 40,000 Ontarians who do travel outside of Canada each year and require health services, over 90 percent obtain private travel health insurance.

If approved, the changes will take effect as of October 1, 2019.

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