Distracted Driving Survey

One of the most common reasons people get into trouble behind the wheel is because they’re doing something they shouldn’t be while operating their vehicle. Those sentiments about distracted driving have generally been shared amongst everyone when it comes to examining this topic.

However, a new survey shows that when it comes to the general public, there isn’t total agreement that ALL types of distracted driving pose such a problem.

According to a recent survey for insurance comparison website RATESDOTCA conducted by Forum Research, roughly half of the drivers who admitted to engaging in such behaviour also said they consider them safe: 49% for drivers who make calls, 43% for drivers who text and 57% for drivers who watch videos.

One in four Canadian drivers admitted to making phone calls while driving without using any hands-free or Bluetooth options and one in eight said they regularly text or send instant messages from their phone while driving. The survey results also vary based on one’s provincial residency, as well as gender.

Distracted driving is defined as “anything that takes the driver’s attention away from operating the vehicle.” While texting or watching videos account for the most egregious examples, changing the radio station or reaching for a cup of coffee are also considered causes. 

Most provinces have specific laws among their transportation rules. Alberta specifies which behaviours that qualify as distracted driving while Ontario’s distracted driving laws are built around electronic devices.

Some insurance companies are beginning to rate distracted driving as a major conviction when it comes to calculating premiums, so that has to be taken into consideration if you believe you have higher auto insurance premiums than before. Insurance companies are also utilizing data collection, either in an app or telematic device, in order to offer consumers more discount options based on your driving behaviour. 

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