Does Your Insurance Coverage Blow You Away?


Recently we have seen a massive windstorm blow through parts of southern Ontario, uprooting trees, blowing down traffic lights, causing structural damage to roofs, and damage to some vehicles as debris fell on parked cars.

With weather events becoming more of a pattern these days, it is important to review your insurance coverage and see what damages it actually covers for your car or your home.

The standard physical damage coverage applicable to automobiles are Collision and Comprehensive. Of those, Comprehensive applies when an incident happens to your vehicle outside of collision, such as theft, vandalism, fire, falling debris such as tree limbs; in general when your vehicle is parked or stationary. All Perils coverage can be considered a combination of both Collision and Comprehensive coverage.

As for your homeowners insurance, you should be mindful of windstorm damage because they can lead to other forms of loss, such as water damage. If a major storm blew open a hole in your roof and subsequently a thunderstorm arrived before you could cover up the hole, your home could sustain water damage from the open aperture.

We advise contacting your trusted insurance broker representative to go over any questions and procedures when making a claim or seeking advice on your coverage. Their knowledge and advice is invaluable to your claims experience. To contact one of our trusted insurance brokers please call (416)494-1268.