Don’t Risk A Cell Phone Ticket!

Everyone knows that they shouldn’t be driving while using a cell phone. You could face devastating cell phone tickets and endanger people’s lives. According to statistics from the Ontario government website, one person is injured in a distracted-driving collision every half hour and drivers using a phone are 4 times more likely to crash than a driver who is focused on the road.

As of January 1 2019, Ontario distracted driving laws will take effect. You will not receive a 3 day suspension & $1,000 fine on your first offence. A 7 day suspension & $2,000 fine for your second offence. With 3 or more offences you will receive 30 days suspension & $3,000 fine and 6 demerit points.

What does this mean for your insurance? Not only will your cell phone ticket count as a ratable conviction but also as a ratable license suspension. This can mean huge increases in your auto insurance premium or even a non-renewal/cancellation of your insurance policy. As a reminder, these convictions stay on your record for 3 years which can mean paying for this ticket for years to come.

Cell phone tickets are not the only thing that could land you fines and suspensions. Distracted driving can include simply holding an electronic device, using a cell phone to talk, text, check your map, or even change songs/playlists, eating, reading books or documents, and typing in a destination into a GPS. Any of these activities can land you a ticket even if your car is stopped at a red light.

Don’t risk a cell phone ticket, it isn’t worth it. If you have any questions regarding these changes and your insurance feel free to contact one of our insurance representatives who can help you. Call (416)494-1268 or email