New Driving Law in Ontario

Starting January 1st 2016, there will be some changes to Ontario driving law. Drivers and cyclists must fully stop and yield at all pedestrian crossovers and at all school crossings when a crossing guard is present. Previously, drivers and cyclists were able to pass as long as a there was no pedestrian directly obstructing them, but now they must completely stop and let pedestrians fully cross before proceeding. To make explaining the new driving law easier to understand, the Ministry of Transportation has provided a few illustrations to help everyone understand.

Which Types Of Crossings Are Affected By The Driving Law?

Pedestrian Crossovers   School crossing

Pedestrian Crossover                                 School Crossing (with Crossing Guard)

What Type Of Crossing Is Unaffected By The Driving Law?

Crosswalk at Intersection

Crosswalks at an Intersection with Traffic and Pedestrian Signals

Failure to adhere to these laws could land you 3 Demerit points and a $150 – $500 fine which is doubled in community safety zones. We hope with this new knowledge everyone can drive safer and avoid danger on the roads this New Year.