Employers Liability Insurance

Employers liability

A few posts ago, we introduced and explained the general concept of business insurance. We discussed commercial property insurance and commercial general liability. In this and the next few posts, we extend the discussion to more specific forms of business insurance. This post will discuss Employers Liability.

Employers liability is a type of business insurance that covers employers for liability to employees that suffer from work-related injuries or diseases. EL is a separate liability, providing coverage that does not fall under the workers’ compensation insurance, which is generally required by law through the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB). EL is an important investment for companies whose workers are not required by law to be insured under the worker’s compensation insurance.

To further minimize the costs of work-related accidents, many businesses purchase employers liability in addition to the workers compensation insurance. This type of employers liability is called Contingent Employers Liability (CEL). CEL provides coverage at times when workers compensation has been denied or not applicable. However, certain exclusions apply and unlike workers compensation, employers must be found negligent and legally liable for this coverage to apply. To find out how your business can benefit from Employers liability feel free to call (416) 494-1268 or email info@pacins.ca