How does Pacific Insurance service work?
Visitors complete a simple online application, answering the same basic questions asked by all brokers and agents. Within minutes of completing the application, we can provide you with three competitive quotes. If the quotes are to your liking, you may contact Pacific Insurance and we can confirm and review these details. It is entirely up to the consumer if they want to purchase the policy or not. There are no obligations or fees.

Commercial and all other insurance:
Visitors provide name, contact information and a brief description of their needs. One of our professionals who is familiar with your position will then work with you to analyze the situation and find the best policy that suits your needs. It is entirely up to the consumer if they want to purchase the policy or not. There are no obligations or fees.
How can I ensure that I am getting the best services for my insurance needs?
We at Pacific Insurance recommend that you find a broker that you can trust. Make sure that they come from a reputable brokerage and has the support of the top insurance companies. Also, they should understand your needs and provide you peace in mind knowing that you are covered in the event of a loss.
What is an Insurance Broker and how can they help me?
An Insurance Broker is an insurance expert that has permission to seek insurance quotations for an insured (client) or prospective client. A broker is not an employee for the insurance company. As a representative for the insured, brokers can approach several insurance companies they have contracts with to provide quotations and coverage to adequately insure the client's exposures. Brokers provide necessary risk management advise to reduce long term costs. They can also negotiate for the insured in the event of a claim to ensure reasonable compensation.
Why is the auto premium different among all the insurance companies?
Insurance works according to a "pooling" concept. You are one member of the risk group in the company you select as your insurer. Your company charges premiums based on the claims experience of the entire group. If an insurance company's claims experience for a particular risk group is significantly higher than another insurance company's, its insurance premiums will be higher. (Source FSCO)
Is the quote given to me accurate and how long is it guaranteed?
The quoting software is the same one used throughout the industry. The accuracy of the quote depends on the accuracy of the information provided. With your permission Pacific Insurance can pull your driving and insurance record to provide an accurate quote. Since insurance rates can change at any time, quotes are not guaranteed.
How do I save on my Insurance?
Avoiding tickets is the number one answer; tickets can increase your premium by 50%. Making sure you have all the discounts available: Clean record, Claims free, Combined home/auto, Multi vehicle, Loyalty discounts, Mature age and Increased deductible. You can speak with one our brokers who can help you maximize your savings.

The best way to reduce your insurance premiums is to look at it as a long term risk management. Keeping an organized office space making sure that you have all the proper house keeping and maintenance records done will help prevent fire hazards and potential liability claims.
What is the difference between an insurance agent and broker?
An insurance agent works for an insurance company. Their only responsibility is to sell you that particular company's products and services.

An insurance broker works for you. Insurance brokers take on more of an advisor role and are your go-to person when it comes to risk management. They will assess your risk tolerance and search for quotes from various insurance companies to suit your needs. Consulting on risk management to reduce your long term costs, brokers also negotiate for you in the event of a claim to ensure you receive proper compensation.