Helping Your Insurance Company, Help You

helping your insurance company

Be it your home, business, or car, your insurance company is there to protect the things that are important to you. When you experience a loss, your insurance company is there to repair, replace, or reimburse you for the damages. Help your insurance company, help you.

Keep Your Important Documents

In the event of a claim, any documents or history helps. Keeping any quotes, work orders, maintenance logs, invoices and receipts can help your insurance company estimate damages and determine if any other parties may be responsible for them. The loss may be caused by faulty workmanship, incorrect installation, a third party’s negligence, or perhaps even a manufacturer’s defect. If successful your insurance company could recover the damages from the responsible party and even reimburse you for your deductible.

Physical Evidence

Preserve any damaged items and take photos of the accident. If you have it repaired or replaced, keep it. Your insurance company can use it to determine if it was the fault of the plumber who incorrectly installed your pipes, the manufacturer who sold you a defective part, etc. Having this evidence makes it easier for your insurance company to recover the damages from any liable parties for you. If fully recovered, you may be able to keep your claims free status, allowing you to retain your claims free discount and preventing your premium from increasing up to 15%!


Write down some facts to properly document the loss. When did you find out about the loss, who discovered it, did anything unusual happen before, any weather that could have contributed to the loss, etc. These facts help you keep track of any facts you may need during this stressful time. When the adjuster arrives, these facts help them understand the situation and speed up the claims process, helping lower the cost of the claim. In the big picture, this translates into reduced premiums and more savings for the all.

Just by doing a few simple things, you can help your insurance company and help yourself to make your terrible loss into a smooth recovery. If you are an existing customer of Pacific Insurance Broker Inc. and are experiencing a loss, contact us now so that we can make your recovery quick and easy. You can do this at calling (416) 494-1268