Holiday Travel Tips

travel tips

While it’s still early, summer vacation plans must be around the corner. But be mindful that unless you decide to go on some amazing road trip, the inevitable line up at the airport as you anxiously wait to board your flight can be a hassle.

In the old days, you could literally walk up to the gate, pay for a ticket and board the plan by walking out on the tarmac. That happy scenario in all honesty is now only seen in movies, as the current flight experience is frequently marred by frustration, time consumption, and on numerous occasions making your realize you paid way too much for such a low quality flight experience.

But if you’re smart and diligent, it shouldn’t matter too much if you use a few rules to side-step some of the aggravation and potential dangers:

  • Arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours prior to your boarding time, in order to check in and sail through the security screening. You never know what potential issues may arise.
  • Wear slip-on shoes so they’re easy to remove in security, as they’re more comfortable to travel in because your feet tend to swell during flight.
  • Take an empty plastic bottle through security and fill it on the other side, instead of paying inflated prices in flight-side stores.
  • Keep an eye on your property, especially tablets and laptops, as they emerge from screening conveyor belts. It tends be a favourite area for thieves to nab your valuables.
  • Ensure your check-in and carry on luggage meets airline and industry regulations. The maximum weight these days for check-ins is around 32 kgs.
  • Buy souvenirs elsewhere. They’re generally way more expensive at airports.
  • If you’re traveling abroad, don’t change your currency at foreign airports; you’ll likely get ripped off. Go to your local Currency Exchange before you go or head to the local bank after you arrive.
  • Airport credit card phone calls are also often extremely expensive.
  • Keep your hands on your luggage in the concourse (especially if you’re napping during an extended layover!). Some thieves use ‘popover’ cases to conceal smaller cases and walk off seeming beyond suspicion.
  • Take anti-bacterial wipes on board and wipe down armrests, headrests, drop-down trays and recliner buttons…if you’re one of those Howie Mandell-type germaphobes!
  • Arrange for a trusted neighbour or family to check up on your home every few days.
  • Preplan by looking into travel insurance in case of cancellations, delays, or medical emergencies.

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