Home Protection Bundle

Wouldn’t it be nice to be see the future? Like psychics who can look into a crystal ball or read tea leaves. The ability to know that something will happen before it happens. If you possessed this superpower you could make your life a whole lot easier. Get that new alarm system installed the day before the break in, or how about remembering to charge your phone before  you go to bed so that it isn’t dead in the next morning? Okay, well maybe you don’t need superpowers to remember to charge your phone but for those of us that can’t predict the future, Aviva has launched a new product that is aimed at preventing losses before they happen. A truly innovative product. The purpose of insurance is to ensure that your important valuables will be protected if a loss occurs but what about preventing the loss in the first place?

How Does It Work?

The product works in 3 ways: PREVENT, FIX, and ASSIST.

  1. Prevent
    When a loss happens and a claim must be made, you will be covered up to $2,500 towards the cost of installing an approved loss prevention device to prevent the same loss from ever happening again.
  2. Fix
    If you notice a minor issue, Aviva will connect you with a trusted network of local contractors to inspect and fix or repair the issue before a major loss occurs.
  3. Assist
    Aviva offers expert assistance through a network of qualified professionals who can advise you on legal, health, home repair, real estate and mortgage assistance through an easily made telephone call.

How Can I Get It?

This can be added on to any existing or new Aviva home insurance policy. Contact an insurance broker from Pacific Insurance Broker Inc. to take advantage of new innovative insurance products like the Home Protection Bundle today! Call (416)494-1268 to speak with a representative now. For more information regarding the Home Protection Bundle product please see the attached information here