Keeping Your Wallets Safe


Some people may think that keeping all their personal information in one place, like their wallets, is a good idea as it ‘centralizes’ all you have in one place for easy access.

But according to advice from the police, featured in this article, mistakes happen and wallets can get stolen. If retail stores and outlets frequently deal with issues of shoplifters, do you really think that carrying around all the crucial information about yourself all day long is a good idea?

The time and effort to replace all that missing information can be extremely time consuming, stressful…not to mention costly in a financial sense.

Police have advised people that they should give their wallets a ‘tune up’, which means removing things like your SIN card, passport and birth certificate that are not needed on an everyday basis, like your credit card or your driver’s license.

“You do not need these items on a daily basis. If you were to lose your wallet with these items in it, not only would this be a huge inconvenience for you to replace these cards, but there is an increased risk of you becoming a victim of identity theft,” police say.

Other steps to get your ‘tune up’ started include:

  • Take inventory of what you have in your wallet.
  • Photocopy the front and back of all the cards you use.
  • Remove documents that aren’t needed on a daily basis.
  • Keep your special documents, including any photocopies you have made, in a safe and secure area or within a safety deposit box.

By doing so, people can make their lives easier if they happen to lose your wallets. Driver’s licenses and credit cards are much easier to replace than more important government documents like a passport.

Will you be “tuning up” your wallets anytime soon?