Ride-Sharing Coverage!

Today, Pacific Insurance Broker Inc. is excited for Aviva Insurance Company’s recent announcement of a new ride-sharing coverage. Mainly designed for the recent popularity in the Uber app, Aviva now offers a new form of coverage that permits the carrying of paying passengers for a transportation network. Before this, Uber and other non-taxi drivers who carry paying passengers were in violation of their personal automobile insurance as personal automobile does not permit the carrying of paying passengers. There was also a gap in coverage as paying passengers would be excluded from the driver’s personal automobile insurance. This could spell a lot of trouble in the event of a claim. With this new ride-sharing coverage, these drivers can now rest assured knowing that they will be fully protected.

If you would like to see if you apply for this coverage please contact one of Pacific Insurance Brokers Inc’s qualified insurance professionals who would love to assist you. For more information about this coverage please see the attached bulletin from Aviva Insurance Company: Ride-sharing insurance now available!