Road Safety in Ontario is Changing

Road Safety

If you happen to be frequently driving most of the time, then you should know that some new road safety rules that may apply to you.

The Ontario government has announced that they are introducing the “Getting Ontario Moving Act” at Queen’s Park, with the purpose of enhancing public road safety.

“Our government’s bold new plan would make life easier for the people of Ontario by getting them to work sooner, home faster and to family and friends quicker,” said Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation.

Although the main item of this legislation addresses the province’s intended upload of the Toronto subway system, there are a number of other measures that, if passed, will do the following:

  • The addition of a new offense for any driving instructor that violates a Zero Blood Alcohol or Drug Presence requirement.
  • Introducing tougher penalties for driving slowly in the left-hand lane, typically the passing lane for most drivers.
  • Giving municipalities new tools to target drivers who drive by school buses with their stop signs flipped out to enhance safety for children crossing the roads.
  • Allowing motorcyclists to utilize the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.
  • Strengthening laws that protect frontline, roadside workers from careless drivers.

There are also proposed regulatory changes in the government’s legislation that would:

  • Amend regulations for motorcycles that would allow for high-styled handlebars.
  • Using advanced technology for commercial vehicles that result in reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions and increased productivity.
  • Create an offence for defacing or removing traffic signs to enhance public safety.
  • Amending the Highway Traffic Act to include two signs at bus terminals and bike lanes that would prohibit other vehicles from entering.

With traffic accidents becoming more prevalent lately, affecting not only people’s personal insurance rates but their general well being, it is important as drivers to review these new changes to traffic and road safety rules.

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