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Your Home Is A Huge Investment – Don’t Waste It

In 2012, police reported 181,250 cases of breaking and entering, and 10,401 cases of arson. Breaking and entering and arson are only two of the many things that could happen to your property.

Imagine finding yourself tomorrow with absolutely nothing to your name. If your home or property were to burn down tomorrow, you would not only lose the property itself, but all your belongings as well. Are you prepared against the increasingly extreme weather we’ve been experiencing?

What You Need Protection From

In general, there are three things that property insurance will protect you from:

  • Fire
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Weather damage

If you get comprehensive insurance, you’ll be covered against losses due to any cause, except for the listed exclusions. There’s no better way to get peace of mind.

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Your home and the things inside it are far too precious to leave unprotected. You can meet with one of our insurance advisors to discuss which options would best meet your needs and financial situation. We'll even come to you to make it easy for you. Contact us today to start exploring your options, or get a free online quote.
Canadian Insurance companies paid out $3.2 Billion in 2013 due to extreme weather.

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