Liability Insurance

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Are You Leaving Yourself Open to Legal Costs You Can’t Afford?

Can you imagine getting hit by a multi-million dollar lawsuit for something someone else did without your knowledge? As an employer, that’s exactly what could happen to you, because you’re responsible for the actions of your employees. As a doctor, you could get sued for malpractice. As a landlord, you could get sued by your tenants. And if it happens, you could be responsible not only for the settlement award if there is one, but for the legal fees as well. Are you prepared to cope with that?

Liability insurance protects you against misfortunes for which you could be held legally responsible.

3 Easy Steps To Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself against the possibility of being held liable for any number of things is simple. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Meet with one of our insurance advisors.
  2. Assess your legal responsibilities or those of your business.
  3. Get the best policy to cover your needs and meet your budget.

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Don't Fall Prey to a Litigious Culture

The fact that our society is increasingly litigious doesn't mean that you have to fall prey to it. At Pacific Insurance, we can help you get the best protection for yourself and for your business. You can schedule to meet with one of our advisors today.

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