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Are You Ready in The Event of Illness?

No one likes to think about the possibility of getting ill, or even worse, dying unexpectedly.  However, hundreds of thousands of Canadians die each year, and countless more are diagnosed with a deadly illness.  Do you have the right life insurance package to make sure your loved ones aren’t burdened by additional, unnecessary stresses if you get sick or die?

According to the 2011 Sun Life Canadian Health Index, only 58% of people are financially preparing or already prepared for the cost of a serious illness.

There Are 3 Simple Steps to Getting Ready

Getting prepared doesn’t have to be hard.  Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Meet with an insurance advisor
  2. Create a long-term financial plan
  3. Review the plan (regularly) and adjust based on your life and health

It’s a simple process to ensure long-term peace of mind for you and for your loved ones, so that when something happens, you and your family can deal with it without worrying about the finances.

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