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What is Surety?

Surety is the promise that the guarantor will assume financial responsibility to pay  a party (obligee) for an agreed amount should the second party (principal) be unable to fulfil their duty or obligation. Surety is not the same as insurance. Surety bonds act similarly to a line of credit in that in the event of a claim, the amount taken out will still need to be paid back to the guarantor.

Why Surety?

Trust is integral in the success of your business. Working with businesses that are backed by trusted brands give your customers peace of mind. As a customer it is important to know that who you give your business to will always deliver. We work with a number of large sureties that can meet all the needs of your business and more with individualized surety packages.

 Do I Need A Surety Bond?

There are many varieties of bonds meant for different situations and businesses. Some bonds are required by the government to apply for licenses. Others are required to guarantee contracts. Typically, these types of situations frequently require surety bonds.

  1. Businesses looking to acquire certain licenses
  2. Building contractors/development
  3. Professional services
  4. Administration of estates

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