Water Damage? Not Today.

water damage

Water damage is the number 1 leading cause of home insurance claims in Canada. As such, what protection do you really have? Most insurance companies will provide sewer backup coverage for an additional premium, but what about damage to your water and sewer lines? How about flood waters drowning your basement? Or even water that unexpectedly leaks through your basement walls? Overland water, ground water, flood whatever you want to call it, water damage can be devastating.

water damage

Aviva even released a few informative 30 second tips to protect your home from water damage. “Water is beautiful, until it isn’t.”

A sump pump can save your home from sewer water and reduce your premium:

Prolonged water can increase the cost of damage exponentially! Protect your home with a water alarm and you can even same more money on your insurance premium:

Unchecked downspouts can wreak havoc on your basement:

For more information on what you can do to protect your home from water related damage, visit Aviva Canada’s youtube channel and contact one of our Broker Representatives to see what coverage is right for you at (416) 494-1268