A dash cam can help you as a driver

Is there a discount on your auto insurance if you install a dash cam in your car? While there are no dash count discounts offered by the insurance company, there are other ways that installing one can benefit you, such as:

  • The footage you get with your dash cam can potentially be used to fight a traffic ticket you would otherwise need to pay. Without solid proof, it can be difficult to dispute traffic tickets.
  • You can use your footage to review and improve on your driving behaviour. This is especially useful if you are newly licensed. By rewatching past trips and finding out things you could have done differently, you can keep a clean driving record. This is one of the best ways to lower your insurance premiums.
  • Your dash cam footage can contain valuable insight in the event of a claim. By recording accidents it makes it easier to determine who is at fault and could provide solid proof to your adjuster. This could potentially avoid having an at-fault claim linked to your record saving you higher insurance premiums for 6 or more years or the use of you at fault claims protector.
  • Avoid fraud! Dash cam footage can prevent you from becoming a victim of insurance fraud. Fraud rings are not only dangerous but costly. Auto insurance fraud results in higher premiums for everyone. You and the police can use dash cam video to know what really happened and protect yourself against auto insurance fraud.

But while you may not be getting auto insurance discounts from installing a dash cam, is it itself covered by your policy?

In Ontario, if it is permanently installed, it may be covered under your auto policy’s electronic equipment coverage.

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