Back To School

It’s back to school season and for many students it can be a stressful time. Moving away from home can be very exciting however while your mind is focused on making new friends and pursuing new opportunities it is important to remember these few tips to make your experience at school safe and worry free.

  1. Be sure to lock the door when you leave your room. This sounds obvious enough but often times students leave their door unlocked while they visit the cafeteria or take a quick step out. You may think that you will be busy for a short period of time however it is easy for students to get caught up in a conversation and leave all their belongings vulnerable for extended periods of time.
  2. When walking back from class in the middle of the night, try to have a friend walk with you. Students who walk back home by themselves in the middle of the night can make easy targets for thieves targeting expensive electronics or even textbooks. Most campuses have a night time escort services where fellow students will walk you home for free. Find out the number to call and use it when needed.
  3. Never abandon your valuables. Often students studying or working in public places such as the library or cafe leave their laptops, cellphones, or textbooks unattended while they go to the bathroom to have them disappear when they get back. Try to have a friend watch your belongings or simply take them with you. If you’re afraid of losing the study spot you have been eyeing in the library for hours, consider getting a laptop lock.
  4. If you have valuable items such as laptops, bicycles, or instruments consider having them insured against theft and damage.
  5. Don’t leave your student card lying around. If your student card is used as a key to access your room or pay for meals, take extra care of it.
  6. If you will be bringing a vehicle to school with you, make sure to lock the doors and keep your belongings hidden in the trunk or glove compartment. If your school is out of province speak to your insurance broker to see if you are properly insured.
  7. Consider purchasing tenant insurance to protect your contents. Check with your insurance broker as it is possible as a dependant student that you are already covered by your parent’s homeowner policy.

Keep these tips in the back of your mind when you are back in school this semester. You can have peace of mind by speaking to one of our Insurance Broker’s today by contacting us here or calling us at (416)494-1268