Bill 31 Changes: What Do I Need To Know?

Recently, Transportation Statue Law Amendment Act (Bill 31) was implemented to amend the Highway Traffic Act with the slogan “Making Ontario’s Road Safer”. Here’s what you need to know to stay on the good side of the law:

  1. For distracted driving, Bill 31 introduces a punishment much more severe than the previous penalty of a mere $60 to $500 fine. Fines ranging from $300 to a maximum of $1000 have been set for people convicted of the offense. For novice drivers, the punishments are; a $490 fine, a three demerit point deduction, and a minimum 30 day suspension.
  2. The threshold for reporting property damage collisions have been raised from $1000 to $2000.
  3. Cyclists now have a one meter minimum buffer zone. Cars that are driving past a cyclist must respect and maintain the buffer zone or face a set fine of $85. In community zones, the fine is increased to $150 and includes a deduction of two demerit points.
  4. Motorist must slow down and safely move over to the side of the road for tow trucks and emergency service vehicles. Failure to comply will results in a stiff $400 fine!
  5. A set fine of $85 has been set for cyclists who do not comply with night-time lighting regulations. Remember to follow the regulations to protect yourselves cyclist!
  6. Unsafe lane changes will now be fined $85 and up to $150 in community safety zones. Please take caution to protect both yourself and other drivers!

Let’s share the road safely. Adhere to the above rules to protect both yourself and your wallet!