Comprehensive Water Damage Coverage?

At Pacific Insurance Broker Inc. we strive to constantly update our clients on the best ways to protect what is important. Water damage is now the leading cause of home insurance claims in Canada and while some companies offer water damage insurance through separate coverages (Sewer backup, Overland water, Ground Water, etc.). Unica Insurance company has decided to provide this coverage in a single comprehensive package through their WATERtight Protection solution. Offered at competitive premiums, this water damage solution removes the headache of either purchasing all water damage coverage options at an expensive premium or gambling on which coverages to leave out, leaving your home vulnerable. Unica has released a great video to summarize their product:

For more information on this coverage read an informative article by Canadian Underwriter Here, and call (416)494-1268 to speak to a trusted Insurance Broker today about how you can protect your home.