Do drivers know what to do after a collision?

As we welcome the winter season, the roads become more treacherous and drivers run into a higher chance of getting into a collision. 

However, according to a recent survey, half of all Canadian drivers admit they don’t know what to do after being involved in a collision. The survey was conducted for Aviva by Pollara Strategic Insights.

Some 1,500 Canadians participated in the online survey, aged 18 years and older with a current auto insurance policy. Here are some of the insights found in the survey:

  • 50% of Canadians are “unprepared” to go through the claims process after a car accident.
  • 30% of those in an accident call a family member or loved one first; for young people, the percentage increases to 50%.
  • Most consumers are not aware of what to say to tow truck drivers.
  • Few Canadians understand their rental coverage, and some even overpay as a result.
  • About a third of the survey participants are likely to use an insurer-approved auto repair shop after a collision.

“We were surprised at just how many Canadians are confused about what to do after they have an accident,” said Oliver Rudd, vice president of auto claims at Aviva Canada.

Rudd added that while it is normal instinct to quickly call a loved one following a harrowing experience, the next phone call drivers should make after an accident is to their insurer or broker. Insurance professionals, he said, can guide drivers through the process and help them avoid costly mistakes or delays.

Unfortunately, this lack of awareness can lead to towing, auto repair and rental suppliers who can take advantage of accident victims.

In the event of a collision, Aviva advises drivers who aren’t sure what to do to first call emergency services if necessary, then contact their insurance provider, and never sign any blank work order forms or agreements from tow, repair, or rental vendors.

You can also contact Pacific Insurance Brokers at 416-494-1268 and speak to one of our seasoned professionals for any advice on what to do when you get into a collision.