Pink Slip Can Now Be Shown On Smartphones

Car accident

Your pink slip can be a hassle when you’re pulled over and being asked to show yours. Mostly you have to fumble through your glove compartment or overhead dashboard to pull it out. Well, starting today showing proof of insurance for your car has just become a little easier.

As of September 5, 2019, the Ontario government will allow drivers to provide a pink slip in an electronic format, according to this press release, as proof of insurance. This will be eligible for electronic devices such as one one’s smartphone.

But insurance companies will have to continue issuing the paper copy of the pink slip for up to one year, in addition to the electronic option if selected, in order to ‘ensure a smooth transition’ according to the government.

“Our Government has committed to making life easier for Ontario people,” said Finance Minister Rod Phillips. “That is why this government is making auto insurance more convenient by giving drivers the option of showing their pink slip electronically, so that drivers can access their insurance card in the way that best suits their needs.”

The government will work with the new, independent financial services regulator, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), to modernize auto insurance in the province.

“Ontario’s auto insurers welcome the government’s decision to allow electronic proof of insurance for Ontario drivers. In all other sectors that consumers interact with – from banking to retail to cell phone providers — consumers are offered a choice and we are pleased to now be able to offer consumers that same choice,” the Insurance Bureau of Canada said in a statement.

“This marks another step is making insurance easier and we look forward to working with this government to bring more choice and innovation to the market.”

However, drivers will have to ensure their mobile devices can properly display the proof of insurance, regardless of poor signal, drained batteries or damaged screens. When asked, drivers are required by law to produce proof of insurance to a police officer.

For more information on the provincial government’s proposals to reform auto insurance in Ontario, click here.