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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Property’s Safety To Tenants

Owning a rented dwelling or otherwise known as a rental property can generate quite a bit of income, but it also comes with risk. When you let other people live in your building, you have to trust them not to start fires, let vandals or robbers in, and to take good care of the premises. There’s a lot that could go wrong and cost you a lot in repairs or property loss. It makes no sense to cross your fingers and hope that everything will be alright. All it takes is one accident, one careless moment, and next thing you know, your investment could be up in flames.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself against many of the risks of owning a rental property.  All it takes is the right rental property insurance policy.

Protect Your Property In 3 Simple Steps

While an accident of some kind in your rental property could take a big toll on you or on your finances, it doesn’t take much at all to prevent such a possibility. All you need to do is:

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  2. Confirm details with a qualified Pacific Insurance Broker Inc. representative
  3. Receive insurance policy

Considering how easy it is to find the right insurance policy when you get the right kind of help, there’s really no reason to leave yourself vulnerable to the risks of rental properties.

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  • I chose Pacific Insurance because they are very personable. They cared about me and my interests and they fought for my business.

    - Minesh Dattani – Fuzion Group

  • My Son bought a new condominium and needed insurance to satisfy their mortgage. Pacific Insurance visited him at his home to get his information and wrote the policy.

    - Deen Farouk

  • They came to our office and went through every single aspect of our policy. They informed me on how I could save...

    - Belyea Brothers

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