Wi-Fi To Be Installed on GO Transit by 2020

Commuters longing for some decent Wi-Fi during their trip, especially those who want to finish some last minute work before that big presentation at the office on another busy work day, can finally expect some relief on the horizon.

At a press conference last week, the Ontario government announced plans to connect all GO buses and trains to Wi-Fi starting in 2020. Metrolinx, the provincial transit agency, added that they have signed an agreement with Icomera Canada Inc. to install internet on their vehicles.

“We’re excited to share this news with GO customers,” said Associate Transport Minister Kinga Surma. “Our government is delivering on its promise to make life easier for people by giving them the opportunity to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues while travelling to work, school or appointments.”

Queen’s Park said they will spend $65 million on a five year contract.

“We know our customers want to stay connected to make the most of their journey time while traveling with us,” said Mark Childs, Metrolinx’s Chief Marketing Officer. “That is why we are very excited to announce we will deliver Wi-Fi on our trains and buses. Our new partnership with Icomera is for great Wi-Fi and great on-board entertainment experiences. This is another exciting and important delivery for our customers.”

Founded in 1999, Icomera has been providing installation of Internet on various public transit systems since 2001. The GO transit fleet consists of a total of 1,475 vehicles; 532 buses and 943 train coaches.

GO Transit Wi-Fi will include Internet access and free entertainment content through a modern, user-friendly portal. Customers will begin to see Wi-Fi on buses and trains starting in the spring of 2020 ,with the full roll-out scheduled to be complete by the end of that year.

Other transit systems around the GTA that curently have Wi-fi include the TTC subway system, Mississauga Transitway stations and York Region Transit, although the TTC and Mississauga only have Wi-fi at the stations and not on the vehicles.

Are you looking forward to having Wi-fi on your GO train or bus commute next year?